Friday, September 28, 2012

The Book Club - September, The Book Swap

So I'm sitting on a bench on Hollywood universal. I'm waiting on my sweet friend to get her ticket for Halloween Horror Nights from me (scariest event ever BTW) and I thought, "Hey, what a better time then now to do write my blog post on the Book Club's Book Swap."

Before I get started, I just wanted to thank Aubrey and MK for all their help in the Book Club. Starting in October, I'm joining forces with Alyx at Everyday is a New Adventure for more Book Club fun! Look for more info o that soon!

Anyhoo, speaking of Alyx, she had me for the Book Swap. She sent me "The Book Thief." It's perfect because when I was little, I thought I was the book thief. I always stole books from my teachers. I know, that's bad and I have synced reformed my ways.

The book is amazing! I haven't finished yet, but its wonderful. It's a unique book as it is told through Death's prospective as the narrator. He tells the tale of a young German girl growing up in Nazi Germany with her foster family and a hidden Jew. Her story is guided along by her stealing books and teaching herself how to read and how the written word shapes her life.

Fair warning (and I got this one from a co-worker before I started reading the book), it is a year gerker. It is emotional and powerful. You know what's going to happen from the beginning (Death is telling the story), but it doesn't stop you from connecting in a personal way.

I HIGHLY recommend this book and I am so glad Alyx got it for me. I had never heard of it before and I probably would have never picked it up for myself.

Thanks to everyone for swapping. And for those of you who didn't get your book, please, re-email me as I have a special gift for you. Want to participate in the Book Club??? Check back tomorrow for more info on the new book club we are starting!

Oh and Ill be posting tonight about my crazy week. See y'all soon!


  1. That book sounds great.

    I loved the book I got too. Read about it here:

    Happy Friday everyone!

  2. Sounds interesting. Can't wait to link up with everyone! I loved my book.


  3. Adding this to my to-read list. I liked the book I got, too. :)

    Is there not going to be a link-up after all?

  4. Nevermind! Just saw your tweet about the link-up going up this evening. :)

  5. Kaylee!!! I loved the book I got and thank you for a great match up! see you soon? xoxo Marilyn

  6. Ahhh!! I forgot to link up! I promise I'll write a post on Monday!

  7. Here's my post!
    Had lots of fun thanks Christen (who sent me a book) and Jessa (to whom I sent a book)...yay!

  8. So I am terrible and super late at linking up, but here's my post!

    Thanks again for the idea Kaylee!


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