Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Blue Man Group and Why I'll Be Wearing Two Pairs of Undies Tonight

Last week my general manager offered me and the King two free tickets to see The Blue Man Group. Like I said, for free.
I'd heard mix reviews about the show, but I know they completely redid the entire thing about a year ago.


They had this quote up before the show:
We shared a meal with the Blue Men (in their own unique way), made an art project and had a spontaneous dance party. It was an amazing time. The King even laughed out loud. More than once. That NEVER happens.

Here are the pictures I took before. We couldn't take any pictures during. They really stressed that point.

And here are the Blue Men backup band. Totally awesome.
Well, the King and I are off to the employee preview night of Halloween Horror Nights 22. I've had nightmares all week over this. I'll most definitely pee my pants tonight. Over 200 zombie walkers, women ex-con chain saw walkers and tons of haunted houses. Not my cup of tea, but I'll try it once. I have a fool proof plan of how to not get scared tonight. I'll let you know how it plays out tomorrow.
Talk to you then....... if I make it out alive.

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  1. We went to go see Blue Man Group for our Honeymoon in Vegas, it was amazing! I'm not sure if it's the same show that they do out in Universal, but all I know is that they're amazing! Hope you survived HHN! :)


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