Friday, March 2, 2012

The Best of This Week

I cannot even tell you how wonderful this here thing called the internet is! It is such a great tool for good; it inspires creativity, fosters friendships and bonds, and allows us to gain information on ANYTHING!

I think I am starting a love affair with the internet. Please, don't tell the King. I wouldn't want him to feel jealous. King, if you read this, please know its completely platonic. I think....

So, after spending many a hours scouring the internet this week, here are a few of my favorite things:

1. Inspiration to be more hospitable and really incorporate the true love of Christ into our lives, found over here (or click the photo above).

2. I'm in love with this painting, called "Hope", by Lady Hue. I also love Lady Hue. Its from a series she is doing on infertility. Click here to purchase the limited edition print from her etsy shop.

3. House of Earnest shows you how to turn your plain old wooden spoons into something fabulous! I have the exact same wooden spoons from Ikea. don't be surprised if you come to the cottage this weekend and find me upcycling them.

4. A great quote from a great woman reminding me of what I used to know. Exactly what I needed this week. via

5. Ron, oh Ron. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...... via

6. Smitten Kitchen has inspired me to go home, right now, and whip this sucker up. Omm nomm nommmmm.

Happy weekend and I hope you like the links. Let me know what you found this week!


  1. That painting-- seriously.
    I am in love.
    So much I would almost consider tattooing that across my side.


  2. I have those same wooden utensils! Maybe I'll try that too. ;)


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Love Kaylee


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