Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Grandmother's House - Part I

Coming to you live from Boaz, AL, aka Grandma's House. It's been quite busy and exciting since we last chatted... Joe proposed to Christina just after we got here (now we all know why he was rushing us to get out of Savannah and wouldn't really let us stop to eat) and today we raked the leaves out of Grandma and Jake's yard. By that, I mean we tried and cleared a good portion, but there are months of leaves and a massive yard. We did burn a couple of piles. My city hands are killing me.

Tomorrow we head over to Chandler Mountain to see the cabin and canyon where the boys grew up. Last time I was there, the canyon and I had a fight, which I lost. Let's see if I remain victorious this year!

Here are some pictures:

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