Thursday, March 8, 2012

Grandmother's House - Part II

Grandma and Jake's house is on 27 acres and has two lakes. This morning, Ben took me out on the big lake. He is so sweet and a great rower. After a walk through their fields we raked and burned more of the yard. This is thrilling right?! Right. It gets better.

This afternoon we went to a third cousin's thirty times removed (or something like that) deer farm. Not only are there like a GAZILLION deer, but there are two kangaroos, peacocks and elk. It was like our own personal petting zoo.

I feel like we did something else today.... Wait! Ben and I picked out our quilt that grandma made us. Pretty big deal! All in all it's been an amazing trip and I kind of fell in love with Alabama. I may or may not be coming home.

Tomorrow's 8 hour car ride, well, I literally shudder at the thought.

Oh! I remember the other thing... I became a Lumbar Jill today. It's the girl equivalent of a Lumbar Jack. Check it, yo.

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