Monday, March 19, 2012

Have I Gone Mad?

I'm feeling a bit mad lately. Between planning a wedding, full-time school and a full-time job, who could blame me?!
These are the tiny demons that are driving me mad:

1. The fact that I don't have enough time to thoroughly clean my house.
2. Ditto to above, but with my car instead.
3. My four classes actually require more time than any of my other classes I've taken... combined.
4. I still need to put together a bridal shower list to pass along to my sister.
5. I need to remove all 1 billion pieces of china off of mine and the King's bridal registry (the Macy's consultant convinced me I should. I now know I shouldn't have).
6. There really does not seem to be enough time in the day anymore.
7. I can't renew my library book because I have $20 in fines from movies I forgot to return before Spring Break.
8. I just want to take a nap.
9. My hair needs to be cut so bad, but I can't afford it!
10. Wedding stuff. So. Much. Wedding. Stuff.
At least Alice gives me the hope. All the best people really are mad.

1 comment:

  1. Just take it one day at a time! I was insane when I was planning my wedding. Just take it one task at a time and know that everything WILL get done in time.


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