Friday, March 30, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

Here are some of my favorite things, that I so diligently scoured the internet this week to find, just for you lovely people.

Please, enjoy:
1. My engagement photos (at least some more of them) over at Quintessentially Yours (the wedding blog I write.... I know, over achiever).

2. I am the only "Kaylee Hornsby" on facebook. It occurred to me yesterday that I might not be the only "Kaylee Gwyn." My little heart was rest assured that I will be. Best part, there is a "Baylee Gwyn." The King and I's celebrity nickname is.... "Baylee."

3. Erin over at Living in Yellow has got to be the funniest persons in the world. I love her blog and I love her (actually, we're BFF's in my own little world). The picture is from one of her most recent stories. I literally could not stop laughing. Please, treat yourself by clicking here.

4. A quote to live by. via

5. The next Susan Boyle? Why does Britan's Got Talent always make me feel good, while American Idol makes me feel retarded?

Hope you like these! please share what you've found!

Also, and this is BIG!, if I can get 50 people to like the All Things Bright and Beautiful's facebook page before the end of March (that's tomorrow folks!), then I will do a song and dance. And by that I mean I will literally record myself doing a song and dance and post it for you! What are you waiting for? Click here to "like".

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