Thursday, March 15, 2012

Embrace the Camera

Today, I want to share my engagement pictures (well, the first five I have been able to see!). Sunday the King and I (hahaha I seriously cannot get over that) went to my hometown of Leesburg to take our pictures with the wonderful Kim Brock of KimBe Photography. We went to this old house and had a blast. I cannot rave enough about Kim and her style. She is spectacular. Nay, she is incredible. No, no, no.... she is perfect. So until I get the rest, this is the King and I embracing the camera:
We snuck into some random person's yard and walked out onto the marshy leaves for this sucker. Scared of alligators? You bet! Worth it? definitely!
Orange groves + bikes = a love almost as good as ours.
Right after we snapped this picture, I almost fell into Kim. The terrain was a lot ahrder to ride in than you'd think.
Ben's grandma made us this quilt (well, she made it for him and his future wife, years and years ago). We got it when we went to visit her over Spring Break.
I'm pretty sure Kim and Ben were having a discussion about my derriere at this moment. That's what I love about her; she catches the greatest moments!
Embrace the camera along with me and everyone over at The Anderson Crew.

All you have to do is take a picture of yourself and link up over on her page (click the name of her blog or the "embrace the camera" picture).

Have a fabulous Thursday everyone!

Just in case you were wondering, I totally dominated all of my school stuff yesterday. I have no clue how I did it all in the little time I did, but hey, why question it? Its done (for this week at least....)


  1. You two are so stinking cute and these pictures are perfect! Your hair is so long! I can't pick a favorite. Goodness.

  2. Kaitlicious, there are more to come!!!!!

  3. Love, love, love these! KimBe does great work. I was really sad when I couldn't get her to do my engagements, but she did our wedding pics and they were AWESOME!

  4. These are GORGEOUS and VERY unique! Visiting from ETC

  5. these pics are so cuuute! i love the bikes in the orange grove row and the laying down quilt one the best! you guys are adorable!

  6. I LOVE these! You guys are the cutest couple!!

  7. LOVE ALL YOUR PHOTOS!!!! and the story behind the quilt. CANT WAIT FOR THE WEDDING!


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