Monday, March 12, 2012

A Few Things

I feel like I use that title so much that it might have to become a reoccurring post. I've also noticed that it happens once I've been out of town for a bit. We got back from our trip on Friday (after an excruciatingly long car ride) and Saturday I went with Christina to get her wedding gown. She bought it. After being engaged not even a full five days. Whoa. I promise I'll post more about Savannah and the rest of Alabama this week, but I have a few things I want to share.

1. The March Head Shots:
Once again, the beautiful Diane did a fantastic job. What should we do for April y'all? I was thinking a giant Easter Bunny Costume? What say ye?

2. The King and I (tee hee hee) had our engagement pictures taken yesterday by KimBe Photography. I cannot wait to show them to y'all.... once I get a look at them. I'm literally chomping at the bit. Well, really figuratively, but you know what I mean. Lets just say orange groves, bicycles and this house. Also, we went to see my parents after the shoot.
I was so excited to see my little niece (lovingly referred to as Master Tutiful) that I forgot that I left my cell phone in her car seat....until we were back in Orlando and my sister called me saying that she found my phone. EPIC fail. Not going to lie though, I kind of loved not using my phone while we were out of town last week. Totally hating that I don't have it now.

3. The most important part of this post. Joseph Kony
Please, watch the video brought to you by Invisible Children, Inc.. I know it is 30 minutes long. I know that time is hard to come by, but I promise that if you watch, you will be apart of a huge change. You will be inspired. You will become a hero. You better believe I watched it, and am now apart of the cause. Kony 2012.
I love that the blogging world can make such a difference. Let us use our tool to make this cause spread like wildfire and bring these children home.


  1. that is one cute baby! And I can't wait to see what KimBe did! :)

  2. I love my super adorable niece. I cannot wait to see what Christopher looks like!!!

  3. I tried commenting yesterday, and it wouldn't go through on my phone.

    But it was really good seeing u guys at FY last weekend! It was nice to have people there I knew. :]

    And I highly recommend doing more thorough research on the Invisible Children. I've found a lot of issues with them, and although I'm not taking a stand one way or the other, I feel like it's important to be informed from both sides. So take a look at some articles I have on my facebook, if you haven't already. <3

  4. Thanks Bri! Yeah, I always do a pretty thorough research before I openly back up an idea, group or organization (which I encourage everyone to do). You're right, it is so important to look at both sides of a situation or group so you can make the most informed decision possible. Regardless of if I have qualms or not with Invisible Children, I believe that this cause should be out there and so far, they have the best option of quashing the problem. Until a better one comes along, I'll stand by and support them :)

    Loved seeing you and your daughter is precious!


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Love Kaylee


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