Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oh. My. Goodness.

I brought my fish into work today. He was dying at my house because I am basically never there, so it was necessary for him to make the trip down I-4 to my new office, aka, his new home. I spent the first bit of my day getting him adjusted and happy. When I was done, I sat at my desk to get down to work. I did what I normally do throughout my day (look at my engagement ring, because, well, it's just fabulous). Then I noticed it. One of my diamonds was missing. 

Wait. What?

My diamond? MISSING!!!!!!!

I was on a phone call so I had to calmly wrap it up so I could properly freak the heck out.

All of my new co-workers graiously helped me scour the floor and kitchen and lobby for the 1/8th carat diamond. A lot harder of a task than one might think. I got to the point where I realized I would never see that precious baby stone again. I bucked up, grabbed my phone and dug out my courage. I was going to have to tell the King about what happened and I didn't think he would be happy (I mean who would be? I just lost a diamond).

I walked down a hallway in the office have never walked down before, tears running down my face. The King answered and I told him the bad news. He was sweet and reassuring, saying that we would get it replaced and fixed soon. That's when I decided I should take the ring off so I wouldn't lose another stone. When I did, I looked down and there, on the hunter green carpet of the hallway, was my tiny precious baby stone.

No freaking way. Where the heck did it come from?

Divine intervention my friends. I said a prayer, as well as my co-worker, and boy, did the Lord deliver on this one.

You bet the King and I will be getting my sweet engagement ring fixed A.S.A.P. (and by that, I mean like yesterday). 

Until then, I'll be wearing a naked ring finger.
Boys and men of all ages, I'm still taken. Sorry.

(Maybe the King will let me wear my wedding band in the mean time?)


  1. Oh no! I would totally freak out too! I'm so glad that you found it... that's amazing :)

  2. So glad you found the diamond. I still say you shouldn't be wearing your wedding band you silly goose and unless I missed something your last name is still Hornsby for a few more weeks ;-)!!! Oh to be young and in love...wait a minute I still am!

  3. Dang I'd be so pissed. First, I'd be freaking out like you. Then, I'd march my not-so-happy butt down to the jeweler and demand a reason as to why an expensive piece of jewelry such as that would be so poorly made. They would definitely be hearing from me. I'd demand it get fixed (I hope he got insurance on it, btw, so it gets fixed for free), and if it ever broke again, I'd make them refund it and I'd get a new one elsewhere. I'd be SO mad. I've had my ring for like 4 years now, and I have 9 (? I think) diamonds in it. The way they're placed I feel like one could fall out, so I obsessively count them regularly. lol. But I've never had a problem. That worries me. lol. Poor girl.

  4. oh you already know how i feel about this story :)

  5. Oh my gosh!!! That is an incredible story of God's grace in our lives!! I was really sad just thinking how hard that would be in your shoes that day! THANK GOD that you found it!!! :)

  6. WOW that is COOL!!!! I am always nerves my diamond will fall out, I don't know why. But I am glad you found yours. Good story


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