Thursday, September 10, 2009

...Almost No Internet...

I moved about a week ago and that along with my roommate not having internet because she has an air car, and our apartment being an almost dead zone for that air card has put me slightly behind blogging wise, but no worries! I will be getting it done by the end of this week, I PROMISE!... look forward to My first day of school, my trip to Ocala, my Move from the old house to the new apartment, and my own version of the T-Town GetDown with my good friend Sara Ranon...


  1. What no post about your favorite Aunt Jodi's visit? That hurts, is it because we lost. You can't blame that on me. The quarter back already said it was a bad pass. Love ya! It was great seeing you this week. The apartment is cute and I love what you are doing with your room.

  2. I didn't know you moved!! Whats up with that? Also, we have the internet at our house...just sayin'. :) If you need some.


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