Friday, September 18, 2009

...Aunt Jodi...

The other day I was looking at my aunt's blog and she had a picture of her and my aunt Jamie and my sister Lindsey... I wrote her a little comment and told her that I was jealous that she didn't post a picture of me or blog about me... well what do you get for being smart, or rather, a
smart aleck? well usually you get out smarted and look silly.... that is exactly what happened in my case... my aunt quickly replied to my comment with an email that had a link to a blog post from the pervious May when I was graduating... It was a really touching little post about how she can't believe I've grown up so fast and about the woman I'm becoming.... I forgot all about the post and I felt a little bad for having teased her when she wrote something so nice about me... so I told her I needed to blog about her instead...

Here are my top 10 memories of my aunt Jodi:

1. Calling me KayKay

2. Driving me to Tallahassee with her to visit aunt Jamie when I was in middle school and she bought me my favorite cd (still to this day) the All American Rejects and we jammed out to it the entire drive home.

3. Seeing her cry at my orientation because all of my schooling was payed for by scholarships.

4. Having her make me my graduation video

5. Babysitting her kids in Lakeland for a week during the summer and watching her sit up every night to sort through old papers.

6. I don't really remember what it was for, but I remember going over to Grandma's house and being so excited to see aunt Jodi because I'm pretty sure she was back from Rick's College.... It was when she had her curly hair.

7. Helping me mov into my dorm and her helping me put up my princess curtains.

8. Eating at Momo's for the FSU v. Miami game

9. Her being the only person that was super stoked when I called to tell them I got into FSU... she started doing the Tomahawk chant.

10. Her being scared crapless to go out on the ledge and take this picture with me...

I love my aunt so much... She is kind hearted and is one of the best mothers I know, and I hope to be like her... Her voice is amazing and I've always tried to copy it when I sing, and She has been through many similar things like me... I know she's the one to call when you want the pity party.... I love her I love her I love her!

*Soon to come: my blog post on my aunt Jamie*


  1. No, no, Aunt Jamie! It isn't about her, it is all about me!!!!! All kidding aside, you made me cry!

  2. I was just about to ask, where my post is then I saw the caption at the bottom. Just wanted to let you know I am still waiting and watching, hahaha.

  3. You are blessed to have a wonderful family who loves and supports you!


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