Tuesday, September 22, 2009

... Moving on Up...

Many would think going from a house to an apartment would be downgrading, but on the contraire! In my case it a very good upgrade... one its saving me money which I am in dire need of, and two, I get to live with my best friend in Tallahassee, well one of the but probably the most awesome!, Tiara... So now within the year I've lived in Tallahassee, I've lived in a dorm, then a house, and now an apartment! I'm a well rounded liver now I guess... I really loved living in the house I was in, but over the past few months things there have gotten hectic with one roommate getting married and then one bailing last minute I felt like I needed to move somewhere else, plus I am wanting to save money so I can start cosmetology school and maybe move elsewhere eventually... It was a MUST NEEDED move for sure...
I packed up my house in less than 2 hours and Elder and Sister Bowcutt (my surrogate grandparents and best buddies) came and helped me move in only two trip across town in their truck... I am soo grateful for their love and willingness to ALWAYS help me out... they are THE BEST! I love living with Tiara... She seriously has been placed into my life for a reason and at the perfect time... The Lord knew I needed a good friend and one to help me out of my funk when Justin and I broke up and man she was perfect for it... Being her friend and seeing her positive attitude daily is a great reminder that when you place your trust in the Savior and our Heavenly Father, every thing will work out like it is supposed too and there is no need for having a down day! She is beautiful on the inside and out and I'm so grateful that she is my friend! Sad thing is, is that people are always asking us both what the other one looks like and we don't ever have a picture top show them! We need to get one when I have my house warming party or something! Honestly though, the best way to describe Tiara, is beautiful, amazing, positive, and the best person I know! did I mention gorgeous... yeah she's that too :)


  1. Your new place is cute. Were you two ever able to find a place to store your roommate's decorations?

  2. yes ma'am we sure did! The living room is totally cleaned up now and its great!

  3. Nice place, where is it located. Which across town direction? Love Ya

  4. I live next to the Governor square mall... on the other side of the Capitol from FSU

  5. Grandma and Kay don't post dirctions to your home if your on public. I can already hear you. Here she goes again. I just love you so very much. And, Yes I see you did post directions.
    LOVE the new place. Can't wait to visit in person:)


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Love Kaylee


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