Tuesday, March 23, 2010

...Call Me Annie...

From now on everyone can refer to me as Annie, Tex, or Billy The Kid because I am officially a gunslinger! Yep, you heard right, I am a hardcore and dangerous with a gun! Last week a guy in my ward took me shooting in the Ocala National Forest and I had shot guns before, but not as wide of a variety as I shot this time... I got to shoot a pistol, a hunting rifle, a revolver (my favorite I truly felt like a gunslinger using that one) and an AK47... hardcore! I think I did pretty well and you can ask anyone that talked to me within the few days following, I believe if I had to, I could kill a man (not that I ever EVER want to or want to be put in that situation, but I could none-the-less)... Here is a picture of my and the man I shot... he died.... thus, I could kill a man... Mostly I was pleased with this gun trip because it redeemed me from when I went duck hunting with the Rhinehart boys and hit myself in the face with the gun... I AM Annie, Tex, AND Billy the Kid *whew* (that was me blowing the smoke off my gun, by the way).

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