Monday, March 22, 2010

...The Competition...

Yesterday, Jess and I had to sit at church for like HOURS after waiting for our ride to her house so while we were there we did many productive things including but not limited to: practicing our jig that she taught me, playing piano, doing yoga in the foyer, teaching the Bollywood dance workout I did a couple of days ago, AND creating a competition, or should I say BIRTHING a competition... Whats the competition you might ask? Well Jess and I both think we're awesome and that we are in fact the most normal people ever because we are so awesome and while we were relishing in our newfound awesomeness we wondered who would make the most awesome Preggo Chick? Yes, who would be the most awesome pregnant woman between the two of us.... You might think this random, but its not! Its totally normal, so don't make that face you're making now! Sooo yeah, we decided to have a competition to determine the true victor.... NO, we are not getting pregnant now for this at all! so don't freak out mom if you're reading this... We just plan on trying to have a pregnancy at the same time and see who's pregnancy goes better based on certain factors that we lay out later on and then keep a joint blog about it... I'm pretty stoked... yesterday I tried telling her I was already winning because I take prenatal vitamins, but then she informed me that she is too.... so, since I'm so competitive, I came home and started doing pregnancy yoga to help prepare... think of it as conditioning! Who's winning now Jess?!


  1. I took a water aerobics class last year and it was full of pregos!

  2. U2 are hilarious! If only your plan works out. How crazy would that be? Aunt Jamie and I were pregnant together two out of her five pregnancies and I was totally the most awesome Preggo Chick.

  3. then I shall take lessons from you Aunt Jodi! Look Jess I have a pro awesome preggo-er to take lessons from!


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