Friday, March 19, 2010

...A Few Simple Rules...

Since I've moved to Orlando I've had, I guess, the pleasure of getting asked on a few dates... I was always taught this rule by my Young Women leaders that if a boy ever asks you to dance then you always say yes the first time because he's worked up courage to ask you and it’s the least you can do... if you don't want to dance with him after then you don't have to... well as I grew up they translated that to dating, so I've always had that rule... if a guy asks me I say yes (within reason of knowing the guy) and then if I hate it then I can say no to any further options after... wellllll after this last date, I've set up some new rules (with help from my brother and awesome roommate Tommy!) they are as follow:

1. I can say no if I have a really good feeling that nothing will go from there and it would be a waste of both of our time... This last date was the perfect example... I didn't even spend more than 5 min. getting ready for the poor guy... in that case I could have saved him money and I definitely got out of it what I put in....

2. Take a car to the first date... even if you kind of know the guy, do you really know him well enough to trust him with your life!? so yeah.... this last date, I ended up driving around with the guy for like hours after dinner because I was stuck in his car at his leisure!!! Nope, no more... I'm driving to and from for now on!

3. The guy is totally paying for whatever he's asked me on! I mean seriously... If you ask me to dinner, then you are paying! and if you actually make the conversation good and not basically let me have a conversation with myself, or if you don't hinder me from eating my food by asking me too many questions, I'll front the tip! I think that’s a fair deal right?

4. Have some good questions to ask me, not the basics... I seriously am sooo tired of guys interviewing me to be their "eternal companion!" I had a guy recently ask me on a date, "where would you like to live one day," which is a reasonable question, but after I gave my answer, he said, "Well that’s seriously the stupidest place to live! I want to live..." Thanks for calling me stupid jerk! Thank goodness I know now that you definitely don't think I am the one for YOU!

5. Please pretty please DO NOT trick me into follow up dates! This last date the guy asked, "Do you like canoeing?" to which I said, "Yeah! I love it." Then he says, "Well since you love it so much, can I take you?" Ok, seriously, what am I supposed to say to that? "Sorry, but since this date sucked so much, no you cannot take me to do something I love." Then after that one, he asked me a couple of minutes later if I liked movies... I told him yes and now I'm pretty sure I'm stuck going to the movies with this guy later.... NO MORE TRICKS!!! I seriously feel like guys do that because they know I cannot say no to their face!

Ok so if you're going to tell me not to complain and that I should be lucky that I even got asked, well let me tell you, I'd rather have stayed at home eating EasyMac on these two nights instead of getting what they offered me for dinner... I am grateful for dates, just the ones that I am really interested in! Future hubby, please come sweep me off of my feet and save me from these chumps! Much love, your sexy and totally awesome future Eternal Companion!


  1. Haha I love this!! Every girl seriously needs to read this!

  2. Just think you have to great stories to choose from when your girls one day when they ask "Mom what was your worst date ever?" It won't be until they are 8 or 9, but I promise it will come! So glad you are blogging again! I love see whatcha got going on! Miss ya!


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