Thursday, March 18, 2010

...Ride Together, Die Together...

Ahhhh yes... living in the south means that we do things like Hootenannies and Hoe Downs and Rodeos... well The Hootenanny has already happened and the Rodeo is this weekend and last weekend, well it was the Hoe Down... Some might wonder where people get the name Hoe Down, well I tried finding out and no luck came up sooooo yep still a mystery... but yeah this last weekend was the Cocoa Stake YSA's annual Hoe Down at the Church Rodeo grounds... Kimmy and Brandon Russ and I went together... When we got there we came up with this motto of: Ride together, stay together because we didn't want to get separated... well Brandon turned out motto into: We ride together, We die together... sounded more cowboy like... We got to learn to how to crack whips, which I got pretty good at, rope things, which I also got pretty good at, and we played games... Kimmy and I cheated during the egg toss game and lets just say, cheaters never prosper... As she tossed the egg and we got like 40ish yards apart I saw it descending towards my and knew it was a bad idea.... the egg cracked all over me... in my hair, down my shirt, on my pants, and all over my face and hands... Lets just say I had really shiny hair the next day... It was a great activity and I had tons of fun being a cowgirl for a night!

The nasty eggage...

Me roping Blake and Brandon Russ
Me and KimmyKae!!! and our matching hair!
Check out me cracking that whip like a pro!


  1. Yay! you finally updated, and not just updated- you went off like a madwoman! jk, its good to see what you are up to now! Looks like things are getting better for you and your having fun :)

  2. So fun! I have heard egg is good for your hair I just don't think I'd like to smell it all day. I saw your comment on facebook and I'm finally updating my blog! Maybe I will get all caught up this week.


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