Thursday, March 18, 2010

...Magical Week...

This last week I had to opportunity to get to go to Downtown Disney with some of my new awesome friends and then the next day go to Three of the Disney parks FOR FREE with some pretty golden old ones!

(Me and Vanesa at Magic Kingdom)

Wednesday night me, Alyssa Coles, Ian Pilcher, Chris Chevrier, Jess Oveson, and Brian Henson all got into Chris's van and drove to Downtown Disney to do some gallivanting... We ate at the Earl Of Sandwiches and just ran around having fun... Jess and I even jumped into one of the fountains to ride a dinosaur... The car ride was hilarious... all around good time! LOVE THESE KIDS!
(Vanesa, Me, and Alan at Hollywood Studios)
(Me and Jess on The Dino)
(Me and Alyssa and the Hundred Acre Wood Gang)
Then Thursday I went to three of the Disney parks with Alan Espinoza and Vanesa Lopez... Alan's best friend's mom got us into the parks for free and despite the torrential downpour, we stayed and went to most of the parks and did almost all the rides... We started at Hollywood Studios and rode the Rockin' Roller Coaster (I seriously have never felt like Jell-O after a ride until that one) then went over to EPCOT for lunch and then headed off to Magic Kingdom... lets just say we got soaked and I was sick for a week after, but it was tons of fun regardless!

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