Monday, April 16, 2012

79 Pages of Handouts?!?!?!

I'm sitting in class.
Yes, right now.
In the front row. On my computer. Not listening to my professor.
He handed us a packet of random appeal documents 79 PAGES LONG!!!!!!

That's when I decided to sign back into blogger and do my blog post now and not at like 11 pm tonight when I get done with my homework.

Sue me. I guarantee you I'll win just by using the packet he handed out..... or not.

So, the other day I posted about losing my ring. I decided that I want to wear my wedding band while it's being repiared so I don't get hit on, have to go through the awkward conversation of: 
Some Guy: "Did it hurt?"
Me: "What?"
Some Guy: "When you fell from heaven?"
Me: "Whaaaaa?"
Some Guy: "Because you must be an angel."
Me: "Why, I'm sorry, I'm actually taken."
Some Guy: "You are? Where's your ring?"
Me: "The diamond fell out. You can read about it on my blog."
Some Guy: "You blog?!" *followed by him sprinting away.
Actually, I just don't want to feel naked. And without that shiny on my left hand, I feel a little naked.

Everyone keeps telling me it is bad luck, that its untraditional and I shouldn't do it. 

To them, I ahve to say, who cares?

I'm wearing it on my middle finger (because we haven't had it resized yet) and I'm not worried about bad luck. The King and I are making the right decision. The Lord is behind us. All will be okay. Even if I am wearing my wedding band before we are married.

In SUPER exciting news, my bridal shower is this weekend. BRING ON THE GIFTS YO!!!!
Ahem, I mean, I cannot wait to spend a lovely time with my family and friends.
My sister (aka, the M.O.H.) and my lifelong best friend, Laurel, are throwing it. And since I am marrying a King, they are throwing a Royal Wedding inspired shower. I know they are going to do an amazing job, but it is still hard for me to let them be fully in charge.

In other quick news...
Ryleigh, the cutest niece in the world, is learning how to put on make-up. Jeez, can she stop growing up?!
Please excuse my sister's appearance. It is obvious she looks that way because Ry ry stole her make-up. Juuuusssstttt kidding Linny.
And, the King is growing a 'stache. He says it has magical powers. We shall see......


  1. I don't believe in bad luck once you're engaged to the right man and the temple date is set. :) You guys ARE making the right decision, and the Lord is definitely behind you both! Can't wait to hear about your shower this weekend!

  2. Your ring is beautiful! I hope you have an amazing time at your bridal shower!


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