Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Decisions Decisions.

I need your help. Which should I choose? Kaylee Corin Gwyn or Kaylee Hornsby Gwyn? I'm not going to lie, I hate having to write Hornsby in cursive (it's awkward folks, trust me), and I've had quite a few unsavory nicknames come from it. I love my middle name and I don't want to drop it, but I do feel a little bit of responsibility behind keeping my maiden name.

So, should I be Kaylee Corin Gwyn or Kaylee Hornsby Gwyn?


  1. I wish I had advice for you! I am going through the same thing. I love my middle name -- it's a family name. But I feel like my maiden name is my identity...linking me back to my family. Both of your options sound beautiful, though! :)

  2. I dropped my maiden name. I didn't want a last name for a middle name and I like my middle name. I figure I can use William as a middle name for one of my kids as a tribute.

  3. So...I kept all my names. I just have two middle names now. Legally I'm Lindy Lee Hansen Allen, but I just go by Lindy Allen. It's been somewhat helpful with insurance, banks, etc. to show the progression, make changes to accounts, and stuff.

    In hindsight I would probably just drop the Hansen. It took about a year for me to really come to terms with letting it go and for Lindy Allen to sound normal to me, but now it doesn't even seem like a big deal. So, there ya go.

  4. Oh! You're lucky! I have to decide between:

    Maureen Laughlin Dillmore
    Maureen Churgovich Dillmore

    Both mouthfuls.

    I love your middle name now, but I understand the desire to hang onto the maiden name. This might sound weird, but I think I'm going to make my maiden name my middle name just because it will sound more like "me" when I say my name. Sorry for not articulating that well at all. And for rambling.

  5. Thank you all so so much! I think I'm keeping both names for records sake (Kaylee Corin Hornsby Gwyn), but I'll just sign everything Kaylee Corin Gwyn or K.C. Gwyn. Makes my life easier!!!

  6. Just a side note: I love your handwriting. <3


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