Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sharing is Caring You Know

I have lived in this beautiful tiny cottage for over a year now. This is where the King and I will be calling home for (hopefully) the first year of marriage.
Look closely. You can see the King creeping.
I have put so much effort into making it "mine" and a safe haven for me in this world. I have my family's pictures all over the walls. I have, as what the King likes to call, "whimsy" all over the cottage (this means a sewing machine, a cute sewing box, countless books in every space possible and even knickknacks all over the top of my refrigerator).

The other night, as the King left my house, I got a little sad. He will be moving in here. My house will be OUR house. I'll have to get rid of the whimsy to make room for him and his mega-desk. I'll have to get rid of my pictures to put his up. I'll have to get less "girly" bedding. 

Is it all worth it? Abso-freaking-loutely.

Is it hard. Yes.

I get to have him here with me every night. I get to have him kill the spiders that make their way in through the shower every morning. I'll have him to study scriptures with and pray with. I'll have him there to watch Hulu with. He'll be there. I just am going to have to learn to share my space.

But isn't that what marriage is all about? Sharing your lives?

The King is who I want to share my life with. After all, sharing is caring, and I care about him the most.

Well except for the part of him that collects barrel Haitians. They're going into storage.


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  1. I love your cottage! It's so cute :) I wouldn't worry too much about changing the bedding. Ours is lavender. Boys don't care too much :)

  2. I'm jealous that you have a cute cottage--Our apartment leaves a lot of room for improvement on the aesthetics. But it is fun to share with a boy! And I still plaster everything with hearts and ruffles...even though I'm trying to quit. Cory says he leaves the "fashion" to me so...thats what he gets. :)

  3. Your house is so cute! & I'm loving your blog. New follower!



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