Monday, April 23, 2012

In the Words of David Bowie...

There have been some changes around here today. I have so much more to do, but its a start!
I think I got food poisoning last night (I'll spare the gory details) so I stayed home from work (you know, to avoid the whole, "Thank you for calling the law offices of... BARF!"). I was going to study for my final tonight, but changing up my blog seemed so much more appealing!

What do you think? What should I change? Do you like the old one better?

Anyhoo, moving on... The Book Club is a little over a week away from starting. I cannot believe that my little baby blogging idea is getting the support that it is! Thank you all! 
Just in case you have NO CLUE what I am talking about, May 1st we are starting a blog book club. Together with MK, over at The Guest Room, and Aubrey, from The Kinch Life, we will be hosting "The Book Club." The last weekday of each month we will be having a link-up party where, if you are a blogger, you can link-up your blog post with answers to questions regarding the books or even just a post about the book in general. If you aren't a blogger, we'd love to have you as well. Just leave your comments in our comments section. Everyone is welcome. Oh, and there will be a giveaway. Who doesn't like giveaways?

The books up for vote in May are:

Make sure you go and vote for your favorite on my right hand side bar! Can't wait to start this adventure with you all!!!!

Alrighty... enough procrastination for one day. I'm off to go take my final...........


  1. All those books look like great choices! I've been dying to read Bloom! I've heard amazing things! Just found your blog, and your about me page already had me giggling. So excited to be your newest follower!!

  2. Yay for finals! That means celebratory drinks are in store!

  3. I saw the movie, "Sarah's Key" and it was SO good. I bet the book is too! Although now that I know what happens, I don't really want to read it!


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