Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Finals, Fast Cars and Freedom... oh and AD SWAP!

Tonight is my last final.
Can I get a hallelujah? How about an amen?
I am so relieved. This final is actually nothing more than a vocabulary quiz.
That has 52 words on it. Words that are super hard.
Put together by a professor that may or may not want us all to fail...
*I'm banking on the first one*

But after that.... Oh the sweet sweet freedom!!!
I cannot remember if I posted this yet, but I dropped my summer classes.
For the past 4 years I have been working full time and going to school full time.
As much as I'd like to think I am Wonder Woman, this semester has kicked my butt.
In addition to working and going to school, my dad had heart problems, I got engaged, am getting married and I changed jobs.
Wayyyy to much for this Wonder Woman to handle.
I found out that my scholarships won't pay for summer anymore, so that was going to be around $1,000 out of my pocket (hello, I have a wedding to pay for). If I wait until fall, I won't have to pay it at all.
So to add into my new found freedom, I am going to go three months without school. This way, I can enjoy my new job, my wedding and my new husband.
Can I get another hallelujah? How about another amen?

The Book Club voting ends today folks!!! Hurry up and vote for your favorite. Currently, Sarah's Key is winning, but Bloom is right behind! I can't wait to announce the book and get started with you lovely people.

One last item before we go: I'm currently accepting blogs for ad swapping in May.
Interested? I sure hope so.
Click on over to my "sponsor" page to find out more.
The swapping includes not only your button (duh) but a "guest post/get-to-know-you post" and a possible give-a-way, all for the LOW LOW PRICE of "hey, just swap buttons with me."

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P.S. Fast Cars has NOTHING to do with this post. It just reminded me of the Rascal Flats Song. Unless the King wants to take me for a ride in the Jeep... which is the closest thing we have to a fast car.


  1. Enjoy your summer off! Seriously, you deserve a break!!!

  2. Fast Cars and freedom is my favorite rascal flats song and made me so excited to read this post! Haha! Still, a summer off sounds amazing! I've gone to school and worked full time for just this past year and its awful! You really must be super woman to survive 4 years! You deserve a break!!


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Love Kaylee


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