Wednesday, February 8, 2012

5 Things I Love: Forgiveness

In honor of Valentines coming up (yep, 6 days guys... 6 days! Click here for a great idea), I have decided to share about five things I love. Today, its all about forgiveness. Weird subject, I know, but it really is something I am in love with.
Over the past few days, I have had the rare opportunity to forgive, ask forgiveness and then forgive again and all with different people. I'm not going to go into the details (because then it wouldn't be true forgiveness right?) , but I was really hurt by someone's disregard fro me. I forgave them. I may or may not (and I mean I definitely did) chew them out for their actions prior to the forgiveness. They forgave me for that. Then, last night, out of the blue, someone I had not spoken to in years, and someone I though hated me, called and we had a very sweet and all around forgiving conversation.
There is something so cathartic about forgiveness. Whether you are on the giving or receiving side it is beautiful.  In all three cases, the person doing the forgiving could have held a grudge, but they didn't. The person asking for the forgiveness didn't have to come clean and ask, but they did. They were some of the sweetest moments I have had in a long time. 

In other news...
I wrote a children's book yesterday. What did you do?

Check back tomorrow to see my love for, well, my family. Enough said.

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