Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An Engagement Story

After telling this story like 100 times over the past week, I feel like I have either perfected it or I have overly exaggerated it. Either way, this is my version. I'm sure Ben's is a little different. Maybe he'll put some input in later...
A little background for the story: Ben and I just overcame a little rough patch and last year's Valentines day was not super romantic. These two things made it possible for me to have NO CLUE that he was about to propose.

Around lunchtime on Valentine's day,  a large bouquet of red roses dropped off with the sweetest card from Ben (in Spanish) along with a screaming monkey toy (I wanted it... don't ask). We both had class that night and I knew we would see each other after, but I figured that was the extent of my Valentines day and I was okay with that.

We both went to class (I don't think I have ever checked my phone more during those few hours than I have in my life) and I waited for his text that he was out of his class. Somehow, I beat him and he promised to meet me at my house. Around 9:30 he picked me up and I gave him his presents (the sweetest V-Day mix-tape EVER and a new water bottle for his bike). We got into his Jeep and headed downtown for dinner. Normally, Ben likes to just go with the flow and never has a plan (unlike me) so when he hadn't asked me where I wanted to go and was already heading in the direction of downtown, I was pleasantly surprised. He surprised me with dinner at Bento so I could have sushi (something he isn't crazy about, but I am). This is where we had our first dinner together... MANY MANY MOONS AGO. 

Throughout dinner, Ben was super nostalgic and playing the "remember when" game with me (something he normally doesn't like to play). I chalked the nostalgia up to the two reasons I mentioned before. So we were sitting there eating our grub (sushi for me, black bean chicken bento box for him) and the restaurant was trying to close (because we barely made it in the doors before they closed) so we rushed out (with the help of our absent minded waitress) and Ben asked me if I wanted to go walk around Lake Eola. Keep in mind, it is like 11pm and Lake Eola is beautiful, but the homeless invade after dark.

Our first time we ever hung out, Ben and I went long boarding in a parking garage in downtown followed by a walk around the lake, so this was once again, SUPER nostalgic. At this point, I had a little hope that he would propose, but I told myself that he isn't cliche enough to do it on this day and in this setting (something I am SUPER grateful for) so when we walked around the entire lake and he hadn't popped the question, I was okay. It is almost midnight and I figured out night was wrapping up, but it wasn't.

Instead of driving north out of downtown towards my house, Ben was driving south. I was confused. And tired. Not a great combination. I asked him where we were headed and he said, "Where's the only place we could go?" I was really confused. Then it hit me... "Are we going long boarding too? In our parking garage?" Yes siree, we were. I was glad that I had worn jeans and some flats, but Ben, being super sweet and thoughtful, had broken into my house earlier to get jeans, a t-shirt, shoes and a hoodie for me... just in case. We long boarded for a little while (something I am NOT good at, but Ben tries to help me with) and when we were done, he wanted to climb the top of the elevator shaft building that was on top of the parking garage.

*This is where it gets good*

I never realized how scared of heights I was until I was half way up the ladder on the side of the elevator building. To say I was freaking out would be an understatement. With Ben's encouragement, I got up on top of the roof (although I never got off of my hands and knees. There was NO WAY I was standing up). Crouching 6 stories in the air was the most terrified I had ever been. Ben asked me to come help him off the ladder. I thought to myself, heck no, no one helped me off of that thing. I told him I couldn't move. He asked for my help again. I told him I thought I was going to puke. He said he really needed my help and even used his shoulder hurting him as an excuse. I caved and crawled, ever so carefully and slowly, over to the edge to help him up. He handed me his hand and started to smile. I thought he was smiling because he was making fun of how much of a chicken I was so I jerked my hand back. When I did, I felt something in my hand.

It was the ring.

I looked up at him and as quickly as he could he said:
"Kaylee, will you marry me."

I don't think I ever said yes (remember, I am petrified to be at the edge of a tall building and I'm tired, not to mention I thought for a split second that he was joking), but I think the super intense hug/laughing/eye-watering, but no crying gave my answer away. He finally climbed up onto the roof by himself and we had a great moment together just staring out over downtown. It was perfect and completely surprising.

The getting down from the roof... well, that's a completely different story.


  1. janice gwyn starlingFebruary 21, 2012 at 9:50 PM

    Well kaylee my sons' flair for the dramatic comes from their mom, I love it. He has always loved to play with people's heads. Thanks for sharing the juicy details.

  2. That is so sweet!!! Congrats! The picture says 12.15.12 not 2.15.12...I was like, wait, did she keep this secret for 2 months? LoL! Yay for May! :)

  3. My classmate just pointed that out to me. My OCD is going haywire!!!

  4. this is so lovely - congratulations! :) x


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