Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Letter to Two Very Important People

My Dearest:
It has been brought to my knowledge numerous times yesterday that I may have not only offended you, but also those whom frequent you fine establishments, when I posted this post. For that, I am truly sorry. 

I would hope that you would never think that I think the worse of either of you. I would also hope that you know that I look highly upon both of you. If you have heard, or read otherwise, please, just take THIS as my word. 

First, I'll address you, David's (can I call you David's? I feel like since we have actually met and had a pleasant encounter I can call you by your first name... please, let me know if I am wrong). In no way was I trying to say that you are inferior or tacky when I said that you are overwhelmingly generic and huge. David's, we both know you are huge (300 stores in over 45 state, Canada and Puerto Rico). That's not a bad thing! A woman is never defined by her size and huge, well that means there is more loving and joy for you to spread! Overwhelmingly generic? David's, you silly girl you, you know you are. Just like Wal*Mart sells the same products as the name brands, but at half the price, you are also doing not only America, but Canada and Puerto Rico a HUGE favor. So glad we could chat and fix that issue! 

Wally (we've been life long friends, so I KNOW I can call you by your nickname), girl, do I love you! Not only do you give my Nana a job, but me, my family and all of my friends frequent your humble establishment on a daily basis. THAT is how much we really love you. Because you and I are so close, I know it was okay to use you as a metaphor for being "huge and overwhelmingly generic. You aren't nearly as sensitive as David's, so I won't go into trying to explain those two statements (but if you feel like you also need an explanation about being generic and overwhelmingly huge, please! feel free to refer to my apology to David's above). I do want to say sorry if it hurts your feeling that people talk bad about you. HAVE NO FEAR! I am currently working with the People-of-Wal* and Urban Dictionary so that they can remove their offensive and utterly wrong statements about you. Wally, you know I always have your back!

Man, I am so glad we were all able to sit down, chat, not jump to any irrational conclusions and stay friends. That's what life is about: making new friends, but keeping the old, because one is silver while the other is gold. I love you my silver and golden friends. And one last time, for the record:
If there are every any problems, know you can come talk to me and we'll fix it because I'm a loving person who has YOUR best interests at heart.

 Lots of love,


  1. i looove you! You're my sweetest friend. All of these wedding posts are making me more and more excited for your big day!! Gosh I can't wait- it is going to be the most beautiful wedding. 80 DAYS!! :)

  2. Lol. I agree with you on David's being overwhelmingly generic and huge. I went there too, and was just, well, bored. :/ So, I see where you are coming from there, sista. <3

  3. Kaylee, cute post, but you had absolutely nothing to apologize over. I was speechless regarding the post threatening physical violence that motivated this post. However, your willingness to apologize when no apology was necessary says a lot about your character and the sweet person that you are. Love you, K

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  5. I was not offended! I know lots of people have issues with David's. I think I just got super lucky! I really had not planned on buying my dress there. Also, I have a love-hate relationship with Wal-Mart. I love it because it's cheap, and they have almost everything. I hate it because I live near the Tennessee Wal-Mart. Ick. And they often don't have what I need because they never re-stock anything! They bring out my rage. haha

    Also, I just had to re-type this comment because the stupid "prove you're not a robot" thing is so hard to read, and I have tried submitting it three times... haha

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm glad you liked the post. I removed the "robot comment thing" now. I had to put it yesterday because I got a not so nice "anonymous" comment. It's all gravy now :)

  7. I'm a 'lil late on reading this post but here's my 2 cents, my friend.

    I was shocked that I found a wedding dress at Davids. I mean, I went in there as a joke to laugh about how lame Mormon brides look with their tube-top David's dresses that they try to make modest with stupid ugly boleros. (don't even get me started on t-shirts under tanks top, that's a whole different blog post my dear friend) I, like you, tried on the generic mormon bride dress, laughed and moved on. But then....I found a sweet little gold nugget in a cave of coal and fools gold. And with a good seamstress, I made that dress into an awesome Betty Draper dress. I'm still shocked to this day that I had such an epic modest dress.

    B: I disagree with you Kaylee, because I think Wally world sucks. I always leave with a bad taste in my mouth. It's like entering another dimension filled with crazy crowds, there are never enough cashiers and wild children everywhere. I mean really? Why do parents think it's a good idea to take their 6 screaming kids under the age of 10 to Wall-Mart at 10:30 at night? And they don't even supervise them.
    I would rather pay more for organic at Trader Joe's than to subject myself to that torturous atmosphere Wally provides.

    So to sum up this comment. Why bother apologizing for your opinions? I'm pretty shocked that people were harassing you about your personal blog. Seriously people, if you don't like her read a different blog. It's that simple. And by the way, get a life.

    Word of advice Kaylee, the only people who try to bring you down, are people below you.


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Love Kaylee


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