Monday, February 27, 2012

How I Spent My Weekend

I feel like I had the craziest weekend. Thursday night and Friday night I babysat until the wee hours of the morning (while the King pimped himself out to be KimBe's assistant during the All Star Weekend). If you ask Jess and Diane, they will tell you that I babysit more than anyone they know. This may be true, however, I would like to get more in. I love watching kids. Basically you are getting paid to have fun and play with them. What could be more fun then that I ask you?.... Don't answer that. I am sure you'll come up with something.
 All Star weekend was in Orlando. Let me tell you. You think Orlando's traffic is bad? Wait until 1 am to drive down I4 during this weekend. That, my friends, is bad traffic. I did get to see a stretch Porsche Cayenne limo. If I ever have to pick a limo to ride in, that would be it.

Saturday I went dress shopping. I'll give you the short, watered down version because, well, we all know I tend to be long winded.  I went to David's Bridal in the morning. I was actually really against this because I see them as the equivalent of the Wal*Mart of the dress world (not necessarily on quality, but the fact that it is huge and overwhelmingly generic). I would try on these gorgeous dresses, but not have the reaction I wanted. I started to feel uglier and uglier with each dress I slipped on. As all the other girls around me would ring their bell as they said "yes to the dress" I slipped into a depression (adding to this depression was the house DJ playing "Ring My Bell" every time one of the girls would, ring.their.bell). Let's just say that I ended up having an emotional break down that ended with me crying in this beautiful dress by myself in my dressing room. I left there and headed over to Formally yours in Eustis.
My mom made this appointment and apparently the shop owner is moving out of selling bridal gowns. This means that everything bridal in her store is on MAJOR clearance. I went in and thought that I wouldn't be able to find anything, but I pulled over 12 dresses, tried them all on,. loved every single one of them and left with a dress that was $1,100, but I paid $400 for it. These are this seasons's dresses people! EVERYONE needs to hop on over and grab a dress. Even to just make money off of these suckers. You literally could just turn around, sell them back and make money!!! Anyhoo.... Here is a preview of my dress. I am in love folks!
Moral of this story: ummmm I don't know... Avoid David's Bridal? Actually, that's not entirely true. My consultant was very nice and made me feel fantastic. I just don't think I was really emotionally ready for the experience.

I ended the night by going to meet my newest cousin, Kinley Grace Martin. Kinley, I am so excited to have you as apart of our family! You are so precious and have the most beautiful little lips!
Yesterday, I was sick. Boo.

And that, ladies, is how I spent my weekend.


  1. I actually had really good luck with David's Bridal and I totally wasn't expecting it to go so well! The dress didn't need any alterations and it was CHEAP! haha. But you got a way awesome deal on that dress!! Can't wait to see a full shot of it.

  2. Thanks Tanya. Apparently my comments about David's bridal sparked some Internet hazing. Just so you know, I loved your dress, and I don't dislike David's bridal.... There will be more on that tomorrow. It will be the most epic of posts.


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