Tuesday, February 14, 2012

5 Things I Love: Love

In honor of Valentines (WHICH IS TODAY!!! Click here for a great idea), I have decided to share about five things I love. Today, its all about love itself...
When I was in middle school I had an obsession with this guy:
Good ole Orlando Bloom... sigh...
All the way until I moved off to college I had a poster of him on the ceiling above my bed (so I could dream of him always, right? Riiiight.). One of the only things I really remember about him was that he was "in love with love." I remember reading that and thinking, "Me too! ME TOOOO!!!!!" which was followed by a very appropriate phase of me planning my wedding to Mr. Bloom.

I really have always been in love with love. The idea of love. The feelings that come from love. The hurt and joy that comes from love. Love makes you alive. It lasts an eternity. It can be felt for anything or anyone. It is not warranted. It is not justified. It is crazy. Love endures. Love inspires. Love changes the world.

If you know me, then you know I love a lot, I love hard and I love probably too freely. We're not just talking about people here. 
I literally love instagram (the app). 
I literally love Thin Mints (which I have eaten an entire sleeve of today).
I literally love the entire month of October.
I literally love the ocean (or any form of water for that matter).
I literally love every person who reads my blog (and is still reading this post!).
And I literally love the gospel.

Love is not limited to any specific person or thing. It is everywhere and in everything; I love that! Sometimes the things or people we love hurt us, but that is the beauty of love; if it is true, then there is always room for forgiveness (notice we have made a full round).

If you are wondering whom or what you really love, follow this guide:
Happy Valentines Day y'all! I am so excited for this day. I know that no matter what, I will always have the love of my daddy, my papa and my Heavenly Father, so it is a great day. Know that I love you too and that you (whomever you are) will have me as your valentine! (if you want... if not, then that's cool too).

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