Friday, February 10, 2012

5 Things I Love: Blogging

In honor of Valentines coming up (yep, 4 days guys... 4 days! Click here for a great idea), I have decided to share about five things I love. Today, its all about blogging and the whole blogging world. Let me explain...
When I started out with this blog it was because my mom and aunts all had one. I was moving away to Tallahassee to attend FSU (GO NOLES!) and I thought a blog would be a great way to stay connected to them and to document my newly ultra fabulous life. It became a journal of sorts and I really liked it. Then my mom and aunts all kind of stopped blogging (curse you women! jk. Seriously, I was just kidding). I went through multiple lulls and then, blogging changed me completely.
I realized that there is an entire community world of bloggers out there, not just my mom and aunts. 
These girls and women had great ideas. 
They were experiencing a lot of the same things I was. 
They had pains like I do. 
We had common interests.
It was almost like signing up for a online dating service and then finding way more than none match. It is great!
I started to become friends with people via the internet. Other bloggers would help me out with any questions I had (still have... I have LOTS of questions). We would created incredible bonds.

The blogging world is incredible. It is fantastic. It is healing. It lifts your soul.

I don't know if any of my long time readers have noticed, but I have been changing this blog around. I'm switching it from a blog of straight up journaling for myself, to on that shares more of who I am, my life and how I see the world (I love this world). Click on the new tabs and see what I mean.

I hope that my blog inspires others.
I hope I meet even more people.
I hope that I can help/be there for others like "my bloggers" have been for me.
I love them and I love you. Welcome to my blog world!

Click here to see some of my absolute favorite blogs.

Check back Monday to see my love for my friends. It will be epic!

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