Monday, February 6, 2012

Something(s)You Should Know About Me

Remember that threesome I told you I was apart of? Well, Little Smokey is a photographer. Not only is she a photographer, but she is a dang good one too(and I'm not just saying that because we are friends, even though we are...). Diana also shares an affinity to Middle Eastern culture with me. We are borderline obsessed convinced that we are Arab. Diane can actually get away with it, because, well, she looks Arab. Me? Not so much. I love Diane's constant ethnic boosts she gives me like, "Well, you could be Lebanese. They are pretty light," or "You're cultured enough to be Arab." These, my friends, are her very polite way of telling me, "Despite you wanting to be a dark skinned, exotic Arab beauty, you are just a white girl from good 'ole Lake County. BUT I STILL LOVE YOU!" 

Friday, I ventured back to "good 'ole Lake County" to visit Diana... and to participate in a North African lake inspired photo shoot. A few things you should know before viewing the pictures:
1. I am horrible at posing. Diane will never tell me that, but she'll probably tell you.
2. I should have worn something besides jeans, because not only do they not match, they chaff when they get wet.
3. Diane is far more ethnic than I am. Also, she is a far better photographer than I am.

Without further ado.... SWAG ("something we Arabs got"):
At one point during the shoot, I was sitting in a hollowed out cypress tree. The wind is blowing WILDLY and there are lizards and other creatures abounding. I'm freaked out beyond belief and then Diana snaps a picture. "That is so National Geographic Kaylee!" in honor of that fateful quote, I give you Diana's SECOND National Geographic featured picture (yes, she was featured in NatGeo):
My Photoshop skills are getting mad good. Looks like this one, huh?
So there you go. Something you may not have know about me before. I wish I were Arab... and Scandinavian. Cool mixture right? In honor of the Arab Kaylee, I probably will do some Middle Eastern themed posts this week. Like, my favorite Bollywood movies. My favorite Hindi/Arabic songs (which, btw, I am listening to in the car today). Probably my favorite Muslim YouTube videos. Who knows... I may not.

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  1. Love the "GIRLS GONE ARAB"! TOO TOO FUNNY! Love IT. You are Beautiful Kaylee! Hope you are doing GREAT!


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